The ZYKFA is back to online classes and private lessons through Zoom as of July 7th,

If you are a member please contact Shifu about scheduling your private lesson time.

Youth Programs

Youth Shaolin classes are similar to the regular Shaolin class in format, but shorter in duration (45 minutes) and organized with younger students in mind. Ages range from 7 to 14.

Our teaching philosophy is based on four anchors:

禮 - - Courtesy2011_Group

義 - - Justice

廉 - Lián - Honesty

恥 - Chǐ - Ethics

The main rules and responsibilities of the ZYKFA program are:

  • Show Respect and Be Respected
  • Listen and Be Heard
  • Follow Instruction, Ask Questions and Receive Answers
  • Commit to Learning and Receive Quality Instruction

Youth Class Descriptions:

Youth Shaolin

Classes for beginners to advanced students. The first part of each class consists of stretching, static posture practice as well as moving and stationary punching and kicking drills. The second part includes practice of the Northern Shaolin forms taught at ZYKFA. Classes are 45 minutes in duration. The main function of the classes are for the students (of all levels) to be able to practice their Jibengong (daily practice) every class. Advancement in the system (through testing) is based on instructors input and is considered to be secondary in relation to the student's ability to practice, grow and evolve through the Jibengong taught at ZYKFA.

Advanced Youth Taolu Team (invitation only)

Weekly practice for the advanced level competitors. Advanced Youth Taolu Team are commited to competing at the highest levels working on demanding and complicated empty hand, weapon and two-person routines. Participation is by invitation only however all are welcome to observe.

Youth (Kids) Summer Program (ages 7-14)

Program runs during the summer vacation time of the students enrolled in the Madison Metropolitan School District. The program is divided into several weeks throughout August, each week having its own theme, themes include:IMG_0398


  • Lion Dance
  • Asian Arts & Crafts
  • Culture Sights & Sounds


Teens (12-18) Summer Program

  • Lion Dance
  • Sanda Training Intensive

Tuition explanation:

  • There will be a onetime registration fee of $40.00 per child, regardless of total number of sessions attended. This fee includes ZYKFA Membership Registration and two ZYKFA Summer Program t-shirts for the child.
  • Each weekly session is - CALL FOR PRICING 
  • A daily rate is available for a limited number of part-time students.
  • *Daily Meal Plan- per day or week
  • Registration Fee- $40.00 / one time


* We will provide meals prepared by area Chinese restaurants daily with the Daily Meal Plan fee, but children wishing to bring sack lunches may do so.

Summer day program fees do not count towards monthly tuition for regular ZYKFA students.

Please Note: cancellations with less than 2 weeks’ notice prior to the session will be subject to a penalty fee of $40.00

On a daily basis participants have lessons in Shaolin Kung Fu, different projects and/or lessons, and eat authentic Chinese foods prepared by local restaurants. Group sizes are restricted to 15 students per week and these weekly sessions fill up quick. For more information or to request an informational brochure (starting in March of each year) call 608-347-3836

Testimonials about our program:

"Thank you everyone for everything you've done for my (daughter) and thanks for giving her a place for being herself and be accepted by cool people."

"Participation in the ZYKFA's Youth Class helped my niece's self-confidence in addition to teaching her lessons about the importance of practice and perseverance."

"The ZYKFA program has been such a valuable activity for my son who used to be too shy and timid to play any team sports he has gained strength, agility and body confidence that now allows him to explore other sports as well. The way the teachers elicit respect from the kids by being respectful back to them is absolutely fabulous! I'm so grateful to have found this amazing program."

"Kung Fu teaches real-life skills that you will find yourself using almost daily"

"I saw my 10 year-old son grow more in 3 months of kung fu training than through the previous several years of playing other sports"

"The Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) Camp was the most fun I had all Summer!"

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