The ZYKFA is back to online classes and private lessons through Zoom as of July 7th,

If you are a member please contact Shifu about scheduling your private lesson time.

Andrew Nepstad (戴安柱- Dài Ānzhù)

Andrew first began his martial arts training in the art of Tae Kwon Do in 1995. In 2000 he began studying at the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association, under Shifu Ferreira, in the art of Bei Shaolinquan. After about two years of study at ZYKFA Andrew left for college. He returned in 2007, this time with a more serious and focused approach to his studies. Andrew is an important member of the Lei Tai Team and is also a Taolu Team member. In 2010 he represented the ZYKFA at the Brazil International Championships held in São Paulo, Brazil and in 2011 became the UMAI Heavyweight Lei Tai Champion. Currently he is back in school, and is an Instructor for the Stregth & Conditioning Class and Shaolin classes

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