Thanks to the success of this year's event and the support of both Master Mike Welch and Jeff Orlowski, of Infinity Martial Arts, the Kung Fu Championships are back at the Infinity National Championships and it is EXPANDING!

This year we will be adding a Sanda (Chinese Style Sparring) style event as well as Two Person Set competitions in the forms divisions. It will be held over two days (Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th) at the awesome Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in beautiful Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin!



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For the 2018 Championships the Kalahari Resort has a special rate of $149.00 a night for Friday (5/11) and Saturday (5/12), which includes up to 4 waterpark passes! Any other night of stay is only $119.00!!! To get this special rate please call them directly, toll free, at 1-877-525-2427. Make sure to mention the reservation code "Infinity Nationals Championships", and remember, it includes up to 4 Waterpark passes!!!


The forms competition event will follow the same rules and regulations as last year's event, including the same judging criteria and competition format. Remember there will also be a Junior Grand Champion as well as an Adult Grand Champion competition in the evening gala event on Saturday, make sure not to miss it!

Experience level is based on total martial arts training (not just the art you currently study)

BEG = Beginner (2 years or less), INT = Intermediate (2-4 years) and ADV = Advanced (4 or more years)

Scoring ranges for all forms divisions (Youth and Adults):

  • Beginner – 6.00 to 7.50
  • Intermediate – 7.00 to 8.50
  • Advanced – 8.00 to 9.50


Explanation of Weapon Categories:

  • Basic 4= Saber, Staff, Sword and Spear
  • Short= Saber and Sword
  • Long= Staff and Spear
  • Other Weapon= Doubles, Flexible, Long Handle and Two Handed Swords


This year the Infinity Martial Arts National Championships will include a special Kung Fu Grand
Champion competition in which the 4 top competitors will compete in the Junior Kung Fu Grand
Championships and 4 top competitors will compete in the Adult Kung Fu Grand Championships.
The four winners, for each division, will be selected upon the amount of points they accrue during the

  • 1st Place = 5 points
  • 2nd Place = 3 points
  • 3rd Place = 2 points
  • 4th Place = 1 point


For the Junior Grand Championships, two top scoring competitors will be selected from the Teens 12-14
group and two from the Teens 15-17 group.

Qualifying divisions for the Junior Kung Fu Grand Championship

TEENS 12-14

  • Teens (12-14) ADV Handset
  • Teens (12-14) ADV Short Weapons
  • Teens (12-14) ADV Long Weapons
  • Teens (12-14) ADV Other Weapons


TEENS 15-17 (2):

  • Teens (15-17) ADV Handset
  • Teens (15-17) ADV Short Weapons
  • Teens (15-17) ADV Long Weapons
  • Teens (15-17) ADV Other Weapons


For the Adult Grand Championship two top scoring competitors will be selected from the Adult Men
group and two from the Adult Women group.

Qualifying divisions for the Adult Kung Fu Grand Championship


  • Men's (18-35) ADV Northern Handset
  • Men's (18-35) ADV Southern Handset
  • Men's (18-35) ADV Short Weapon
  • Men's (18-35) ADV Long Weapon
  • Men's (18-35) ADV Other Weapon



  • Women's (18-35) ADV Northern & Southern Handset
  • Women's (18-35) ADV Short Weapons
  • Women's (18-35) ADV Long Weapons
  • Women's (18-35) ADV Other Weapons


These winners will then compete in the Grand Championships Finals on Saturday night for the trophy
award of Infinity Nationals Kung Fu Grand Champion. The Grand Champion, of
each (Junior and Adult) will be determined by a panel of judges based on the competitor’s performance
at the Grand Championship Finals and not on the previous performance(s) during regular competition.
Junior Kung Fu Grand Champion will receive a beautiful trophy and Adult Grand Champion will receive a
beautiful trophy and a $100.00 award.



The Sanda style event is the big news this year! We have created a set of rules specifically designed for this event. Competing athletes will be able to punch, kick, wrestle and use throws in this exciting form of sport sparring. Those interested in participating (or coaches interested in bringing their team to the event) are encouraged to contact Shifu Nelson Ferreira through his email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to obtain a copy of the rules, ask any questions (including where to purchase gear) and find out about the upcoming FREE seminar on how to prepare for this event.

This event is designed to provide our community with a Sanda style (Chinese Sparring) event that will allow the competitors exploration of their fighting techniques in a controlled environment. Even though this will be a contact event it should be approached as an opportunity to meet and make friends while testing your fighting skills.

This is a SPORT fighting event and should not be approached as a challenge match or tough man contest.

“Show skill, not ego”


  • Divided by gender and weight
  • Must be at least 18 years old (on date of match)
  • Must have a valid ID, proof of health insurance and clean bill of health note signed by doctor
  • Must be present for rules meeting on Friday night and fill out release of liability waiver
  • Must be fully aware of all rules and regulations regarding the Sanda style event


2 minute rounds followed by 1 minute of rest in between.

Scoring areas:

  • Front and sides of the head
  • Trunk area (including chest, stomach and ribs)
  • Inner and outer thigh (above the knee and below the groin)

To win the match:

  • Contestant wins two (2) out of three (3) rounds by official decision.
  • Contestant knocks opponent down three (3) times in the same round.
  • Executive Referee or Center Referee declares a mismatch (stronger contestant wins).
  • Opponent forfeits or corner person(s) asks for forfeiture.

NOTE: Contestants have ten (10) seconds to return to the start line, in their respective sides (red or blue) in "guard position"; if he/she does not make it within the ten second count they will forfeit the match.


Illegal techniques:

  • Contact to the throat, back of the head, spine, knee or groin is ILLEGAL. 
  • Striking using the head is illegal.
  • Spiking (throwing opponent top of the head first) is illegal.

Personal Fouls:

  • First violation = warning
  • Second violation = 2 points awarded to opponent
  • Third violation = disqualification

Example - use of illegal techniques or contact to illegal areas


Technical Fouls:

  • First violation = admonition
  • Second violation = 2 points awarded to opponent
  • Third violation = disqualification

Example - corner coaching and/or bad sportsmanship conduct such as taunting, obscene gestures and general disrespect

NOTE: Any serious Personal Foul will be grounds for immediate disqualification.


• To compete in this event you will need to be pre-registered. You must be registered (online) by 11:59 pm on Friday May 4th; otherwise you will not be able to compete. 
• This is not a sanctioned event and is only open to amateur athletes. 
• The rules and regulations are specific to this tournament and even though they are similar to the current international Sanda rules there are specific alterations to it, so please study them carefully.
• Liability: Competitors who maliciously hurt/injure their opponents will be held liable for any damages or injuries. 
• The Head Judge has full authority to stop the match at any time for safety or any other reason.
• Organizers will do their best to match athletes based on experience and ability levels. Be honest in your application. Any and all fighting experience should be considered on the application. As an example, if this is your first time competing in a Sanda event but you have had previous experience competing in other styles (Karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, etc.) make sure to include that as part of your experience and ability levels.
• Please pay attention to all times posted (weigh-in, rules meeting and competition start times) and plan your travel accordingly. If you are flying in to Madison (MSN) the drive from the airport to the Kalahari Resort is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour long. If you are flying into Milwaukee (MKE) the drive is about 2 hours long. Please keep this in mind when booking your flight.


The complete Rules & Regulations for this event will be available in a PDF download. To have it sent to you please contact Nelson Ferreira directly at the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you and we look forward to creating this opportunity for our martial arts community!


This will be a two day event (Friday and Satuday) where we will have forms competitons on both days (Friday night and Saturday all day) as well as weigh-in, equipment inspection and Sanda rules meeting on Friday evening and the Sanda event Saturday afternoon. So plan for an exciting and fun filled weekend taking advantage of the special room rates (info coming soon) and great amenities the Kalahari has to offer (including a huge waterpark, amusement park, theaters, spa, restaurants and more).


Keep in mind that since it's Mother's Day weekend it's a great place for moms to enjoy a vacation while either competing or relaxing and having fun at resort and the Dells (or both!). There's even a special Mother's Day brunch at one of the restaurants, make sure to make reservations because they sell out!


Our school has a roster of fully certified judges on the regional, national and international levels, however we would like to have the participation of the many other fully qualified judges and referees that are around the US (or inernationally). For qualified Judges interested in serving as a volunteer judge for this event please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your interest and area of expertise, as well as certification and level (we will running Kuoshu style rules so preference will be given to USKSF/TWKSF certified judges). We would like to have a more qualified judges at this event since we will be expanding into two rings, our taget goal is about 15 judges to serve on a rotational basis. Thank you!



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