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Discussion started by Andrew Ruis , on 21 August 09:11 AM

Anyone know anything about these guys? A friend of a friend asked me if they're legit, but I don't know anything about them.


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Andrew Ruis
Thanks Shifu! Chuck, I don't have any specific questions, I just want to make sure they're on the level.
3988 days ago
Charles Carpenter
I am actuality friends with one of the guys that attends this club. I have been talking to him for over a year since his kids started at my fathers learning center. He has been asking me to get together with him to "share" martial arts. Not really sure what he wants to share. stuff like this is strange to me "Japanese karate differs from tae kwon do, kung fu, and other martial arts because karate techniques are focused. This requires them to be performed with full mental concentration, proper speed, power, coordination, breathing, and body connection". Isn't this true of all martial arts? He was telling me about how they breath and how different it is from ours but it sounded exactly the same to me lol. Never the less he's a super nice guys and I enjoy talking with him about kung fu. Anything specific you wanted to know about the club? If anything I can ask him next time we talk.
3988 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
Not familiar with the instructor but seems legit enough, they seems to be associated with some decent groups, their last event appears to have been in 2007 though. I wonder if Paul Liss knows more about them, since he studied Shotokan as well.
3988 days ago
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