Taolu (Forms)

IMG_0324What is Taolu (套路)?

Taolu literally translates as "pattern roads", it is the Mandarin word we use to refer to prearranged routines or forms. It is often seen as beautiful and graceful to the beholder when performed by an experienced practitioner. Each form teaches the student the applications of the stances, techniques, and the understanding of the powers provided through each movement.

For Youtube Videos of our ZYKFA Taolu Team Competing CLICK HERE , HERE and HERE

The style taught at the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association is Bei Shaolinquan (Master Gu Ruzhang line). These are some of the taolu (other sets are taught as complimentary training) taught in their respective order.

Empty Hand (徒手):

- Shi Er Lu Tan Tui (十二路彈腿)

- Lian Bu Quan (練步拳)

- Miu Tui Shi (謬腿式)

- Duan Da (短打)Confucius_Institute_Kate

- Mei Hua (梅花)

- Ba Bu (拔步)

- Chuan Xin (穿心)

- Wu Yi (武藝)

- Kai Men (開門)

- Ling Lu (領路)

- Zuo Ma (坐馬)

- Lian Huan (連環)

- Shi Fa (式法)

- Shaolin Shi Ba Shou Fa (少林十八手法)

Weapons (兵器):

- Saber (Xiao Ba Gua Dao - 小八卦刀, Pi Gua Dao - 劈掛刀 -  and Liu He Dao - 六合刀)

- Staff (Xiao Hua Gun - 小花棍, Jiu Zhou Guo Wang Gun - 九州國王棍 and Wu Hu Qin Yang Gun - 五虎擒羊棍)

- Straightsword (Long Jian - 龍劍, Long Xing Jian - 龍形劍 and Tai Yi Jian - 太乙剑)

- Spear (Chu Ji Qiang - 初级槍, Ti Lan Qiang - 提攔槍 and Liu He Qiang - 六合槍)

- Double Daggers (Shuang Bi Shou - 雙匕首)

- Cane (Long Tou Zhang - 龍頭杖)

- Fan (Shaolin Shan - 少林扇)

- Double Straighswords (Shuang Fei Long Jian - 雙飛龍劍)

- Double Broadswords (Gu Tang Shuang Dao - 滾蹚雙刀)

- Double Hook Swords (Hu Tou Shuang Gou - 虎頭雙鉤)Confucius_Institute_Andrea

- Thresher Staff (Shao Zi Gun - 梢子棍)

- Three Section Staff (San Jie Gun - 三節棍)

- Nine Section Whip Chain (Jiu Jie Bian - 九節鞭)

- Sun & Moon Spade (Ri Yue Chan - 日月鏟)

- Simple Long Sabre (Pu Dao - 朴刀)

- Halberd (Da Ji - 戟)

- Reclining Moon Blade (Yan Yue Dao - 偃月刀 aka Guan Dao)

Combat Sets (對拆):

- Two person set (Shaolin Quan Dui Chai - 少林拳對拆)

- Empty hand versus Double Daggers (Shou Dui Shuang Bi Shou - 手對峙匕首)

- Staff versus Staff (Gun Dui Gun - 棍對棍)

- Broadsword versus Spear (Dan Dao Dui Qiang - 單刀對槍)

- Three Section Staff versus Spear (San Jie Gun Dui Qiang - 三節棍對槍)

- Double Hook Swords versus Spear (Hu Tou Shuang Gou Dui Qiang - 虎頭雙鉤對槍)

- Straightsword versus Straightsword (Jian Dui Jian - 劍對劍)

- Reclining Moon Blade versus Spear (Yan Yue Dao Dui Qiang - 偃月刀對槍) 


Competition Team:

Each year a team of students represents our school in state, regional, national and international competitions. Most team members devote their time to an empty hand set and also a variety of weapon and two-person sets.

Some of the accomplishments of the ZYKFA Taolu team have been:

  • 3rd Place at the 1999 USCKF International Championships
  • 1st Place at the 2000 USCKF International Championships
  • 10 ZYKFA members represented the US at the Pan-American Kuoshu Championships 2001 - Brazil
  • 3rd Place at the 2002 USCKF International Championships
  • 2 ZYKFA members represented the US at the World Kuoshu Championships 2003 - Brazil
  • 2nd Place at the 2004 USCKF International Championships
  • 3 ZYKFA members represented the US at the World Kuoshu Championships 2006 - Singapore
  • 2 ZYKFA members represented the US at the World Kuoshu Championships 2009 - Germany
  • 1 ZYKFA member represented the US at the World Kuoshu Championships 2015 - Argentina
  • 8 ZYKFA members represented the US at the Brazil Cup International Championships 2016 - Brazil

Here are some of the tournaments ZYKFA Taolu Team has participated in the past:

  • USKSF National and International Kuoshu Championships - Baltimore, MD
  • PACKF Pan-American Kuoshu Championship- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • TWKSF World Kuoshu Championships - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • TWKSF World Kuoshu Championships - Singapore
  • TWKSF World Kuoshu Championships - Germany
  • Brazil International Kung Fu Tournament Championships - Brazil
  • Brazil Cup Kung Fu Championships - Brazil
  • USKSF North Region Tournament - Madison, WI
  • Infinity Nationals Kung Fu Championship - Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships - Cleveland, OH
  • Badger State Games - Madison and Appleton, WI
  • BELT Open Karate Championships - Middleton, WI
  • Southern Wisconsin Open - Verona, WI
  • F.L.A.M.A. & Wulin Tournament - Chicago, IL
  • ICMAC Championships - Orlando, FL
  • AAU Chinese Martial Arts Tournament - Kansas City, MO
  • UMAI Kung Fu Championship - Palatine, IL
  • Mad City Challenge - Madison, WI
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