Shaolin - ALL LEVELS

These classes are focused on the more advanced concepts and applications of our art. This class expands on the fundamentals and explores the more complex and demanding techniques of our system. Age range: 13 and over.

Youth Shaolin - ALL LEVELS

Classes are also similar to the regular Shaolin class in format, but shorter in duration and organized with younger students in mind. Ages range: 7 to 12.

Chinese Kickboxing

Curretly, due to Covid, these classes are being done as individual workouts with no contact or pad work. Students work on basic footwork, basic strikes and combinations using punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Once it is deemed safe we will return to our full-contact training regimen. 

Strength & Conditioning

Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of martial arts practice. In Chinese martial arts, physical conditioning forms the base upon which your skill is expressed. This program improves your strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance so you can perform to the full extent of your abilities. Currently, due to Covid, this workout is done as an individual workout (no partners), students must not share equipement and fully clean them after use. They are thirty minutes long and suitable for all ability levels. 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons available upon request for members looking for more in-depth knowledge of a specific skill. Private lesson are only available to current ZYKFA members. Duration is 20 mins per lesson. 

Membership Packages

The Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association is a membership only martial arts school. We are now, as of 6/12/2023, accepting a limited amount of new members.

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