Anchorman 2?

Discussion started by Andrew Nepstad , on 19 December 02:40 AM

So I was thinking it would be fun to get a group together to see this because its frickin Anchorman.  Maybe sometime after Christmas depending on what works for people.  If you are a fan of silliness then you owe it to yourself to accompany me on this epic journey.  Remember, sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say when in rome.  

-Nepstad, AKA Nepstallion, AKA Real A, AKA Poopy Panty Andy

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Nelson Ferreira
1:45 would work best for me as I gotta be at the school around 5 pm.
3864 days ago
Andrew Nepstad
Ok so we got a 1:45 or 3. Common Lou you need to get your priorities straight!
3864 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
I'm in, we have a class that morning, then we'll do lunch and head over.

What's the time?
3864 days ago
Lou Immendorf
Hi Andy,

Have fun (this is a great idea) ... I would like to go but Thursday and Friday are already busy for me.
Remember to wear the correct cologne when you go to see the movie ... London Gentleman or maybe Blackbeard's Delight

3866 days ago
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