Kevin Lozada

Kevin Lozada

Kevin has been studying under Shifu Ferreira since 1999. He also studied Wu style Taijiquan. Kevin is an accomplished Taolu competitor in both national and international events. He also performs with the Zhong Yi lion dances as an instrumentalist. Kevin was a member of Team USA for the 1st Pan-American Kuoshu Championship held in Brazil (2001). He has had the opportunity to study under great teachers such as Shifu Lima, Shifu Kleppe, and Master Kwan Sai-hung. Currently he is an Instructor for the Youth Shaolin classes.

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I'm not one for editorials, or long thought out... well anything.  I think a lot.  I contemplate the universe and all it's...... aaaaanyway.

I think as this as my first blog post I'll start off with a little advice.  "It's not a race".

As an instructor, I get to see the wonderful diversity that is our school.  We have so many students from different backgrounds.  We have so many students with different abilities.  Each and everyone of us is different (... except for me... I'm just the same - Life of Brian joke for you in the know).

Sometimes I see some students longing to do a set that a more advanced student is working on.  Their mentality becomes "If I do the set I'm working on FASTER... I'll get to THAT set quicker!"  Nope... that's not how it works.  Actually, it can be counter productive.  Ask any instructor.  Diligent practice (that means careful, thoughtful practice to any of my younger students) gets you to your destination faster than racing through your set.  Understanding what you're doing (in kung fu AND in life) will get you further (farther? - I never know which to use when).  If you fly through the set just to get to the next set, you'll miss all the great things about the set you're working on.  The longer you practice your sets... and think about them, the more and more you'll appreciate them.  It was years after I learned Tan Twei that I learned to appreciate how awesome it was.

Take your time... see the sites (sets)... otherwise you'll miss something amazing.


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