The ZYKFA is, as of 3/15/21, open to MEMBERS ONLY. Classes are limited to 4 students max and to participate you must schedule yourself through the Zen Planner app. All classes will be transmitted trhough Zoom for students unbale to attend in person.

Woody Wallace (宇文臥龍 - Yǔwén Wòlóng)

Woody has studied at ZYKFA under Shifu Ferreira since 2003 and received his instructor's certification in 2010.  Woody's first martial arts experience was with the Aikido Club at NC State University in 1993.  He began studying Northern Shaolin Gong Fu and other aspects of Chinese martial arts in 1997 with Sifu Kenneth Yung at Qi Elements, in Herndon, VA.  He has also taken seminars with Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Shi Yang Ming, Luo Dexiu, Kisu, and Lu Wejia.  Woody teaches intermediate and advanced Shaolin classes at ZYKFA and is a member of the Taolu team.

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