Paul Liss (李炳麟 - Li Bǐnglín)

Paul started his formal martial arts training in 1986, learning the modern Yang style Taijiquan short form. Over the next decade, he explored many styles including Shotokan Karate, Sanchin Ryu Karate, Northern Long Fist, and modern Yang style Taiji swordplay. In 2004, Paul returned to the UW-Madison Chinese Wushu and Tai Chi club to continue to both study and teach the Chinese martial arts. In 2006, he competed at the 1st North Regional Chinese Kuoshu Tournament in the Taijiquan division. Impressed by the level of skill displayed by the ZYKFA competitors, Paul began studying Bei Shaolinquan under Shifu Ferreira the following week. He has also had the opportunity to study under great teachers such as Shifu Kleppe, Zhang Xiaoling, Liu Yu, Norm Petredean and Wang Yu. He has travelled to China and studied at Shaolin, Wudang and Emei. Paul is an Instructor for the intermidiate and advanced classes at ZYKFA, he is also the Taolu Team Captain and was a member of the US Team for the 2009 World Championships in Germany. Paul became a World Champion at the 2013 WOMAA World Championships held in Dublin, Ireland.

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