Traditional Training

Celebrating 26 years of teaching traditional Chinese martial and cultural arts in Madison, WI!  You are invited to visit our school and find out what makes us unique.

Effective Methods

Our methods have evolved for hundreds of years     in China and were used by the military, police and bodyguards on a daily basis.  They are practical, support your health, and can be beautiful to watch.

Family Atmosphere

Members of the association treat each other as family and strive to be upstanding citizens in the community through the principles that we learn as martial artists.              "The martial world is one family"

Welcome to Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association LLC

We have a full curriculum and facility to suit the needs of all interested in exploring the world of traditional Chinese martial arts. If you are in the Madison area, and are looking for a great experience in the Chinese martial arts, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Nelson Ferreira

Upcoming Events

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