Shaolin (Beginners)

Shaolin (Beginners) classes are for, as the name implies, beginner students. The first part of each class consists of stretching, Qigong (breathing exercises), holding postures (static training) as well as moving and stationary kicking and punching drills. The second part of each class is organized practice time for forms, application of technique, or Qinna (seizing and apprehension techniques). The focus on these classes are strong fundamentals and basics. Age range: 13 and over.

Shaolin (INT & ADV)

Shaolin (INT & ADV) classes are for intermidiate and advanced students. These classes are similar in structure to Beginners Shaolin, however they include a greater range and variety of techniques. The focus on this class is expanding on the fundamentals and exploring more complex and demanding techniques. Age range: 13 and over.

Youth Shaolin

Youth Shaolin classes are also similar to the regular Shaolin class in format, but shorter in duration and organized with younger students in mind. Ages range: 7 to 14.

Lei Tai (Full Contact Fighting)

Lei Tai (擂台), Full Contact Fighting. This practice students (white sash and above) to work on San Shou or full contact sparring (Kuoshu rules). Attendees wear protective gear, and the instructor closely monitors practice. Age range: 16 and over.

Taolu Team Practice

Taolu Team Practice is a practice for the Taolu Competition Team (all levels). Class space is limited to those on the team, but all are welcome to observe. Age range: 13 and over.

Song Jiang Battle Array

Song Jiang Battle Array (宋江陣) is a combination of Chinese folk and martial arts performances, this class is for all ages and will teach the students the basics of traditional Battle Array formation, individual weapon sets, two person sets as well as accompanying music (drums, cymbals and gong). All are welcome to observe. Age range: 7 and up

Advanced Youth Taolu Team

Weekly practice for the advanced level competitors. Advanced Youth Taolu Team are commited to competing at the highest levels working on demanding and complicated empty hand, weapon and two-person routines. Participation is by invitation only, however all are welcome to observe.

Strength and Conditioning

It is well known that physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of martial arts practice. In Chinese martial arts, physical conditioning forms the base upon which your skill is expressed. This program will improve your strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance so you can perform to the full extent of your abilities. This one-hour workout is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced martial artists. Designed and taught by an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, the class offers both the support of a group environment and the individual attention of one-on-one training. Age range: 14 and over.

Lion/Dragon Dance and Drumming

Lion Dance, Dragon Dance (舞獅, 舞龍) and Drumming classes are for the practice of traditional Chinese lion dancing and performance drumming, for youth and adults. The lion dance team has many performances throughout the year. This class is to expand the current students understanding of the martial art and cultural practices they already learn in our school. New ZYKFA students are encouraged to attend and this class. Classes are held weekly on Saturdays. Age range: 7 and up.

Fighting Basics

Fighting Basics - This practice is designed for those interested in taking the first steps into the Lei Tai program or just wanting to enjoy drilling footwork, distance, timing or light sparring sessions to sharpen their skills. Students must have white sash or above to attend these classes. Age range: 14 and over.

Duanbing & Changbing (Short and Long Weapon Sparring

Duanbing & Changbing (Short and Long Weapon Sparring) class is designed to allow students to explore the weapon techniques they learn though the taolu of the system in a contact environment. Students wear protective gear and specially designed padded weapons for safety. Students are restricted to using techniques that they learn in their sets during sparring. Students must have white sash or above to attend these classes. Age range: 14 and over.

Performance Troupe

Performance Troupe practice is set up for students to work on the various complicated performance pieces that ZYKFA presents to the public, including Sar Ping style Lion Dance, Qilin and Dragon Dancing as well as Drum Array (performance drumming). This is a way for the more serious practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of the complexity of their performances, including lion dance arrays, qilin steps, dragon dance patterns and Sar Ping style drumming (individual and in groups). Ages: 13 and up

Private Lessons

Private Lessons available upon request for students looking for more in-depth knowledge of a specific skill. Private lesson are only available to ZYKFA members. Duration is half an hour per lesson. Age range: 14 and over.

Membership Packages

The Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association is a no contract and membership only based martial arts school. Call 608-347-3836 today to make an appointment!

Visit the School (忠義國術館)

Those interested in getting more information about the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association are welcome to drop by our school at any time. Observers are welcomed. Prospective students are able to try a class out if they like. New students are encouraged to attend the Beginners Shaolin class. Prospective students are asked to wear comfortable clothing and low thread shoes. Remember, your first class is always FREE!

Youth Programs

Youth Shaolin classes are similar to the regular Shaolin class in format, but shorter in duration (45 minutes) and organized with younger students in mind. Ages range from 7 to 14.

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