Ethnic Groups in China

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After some discussions, with students and parents during the Chinese New Year, about different Ethnic group in China and what they wear, I decided to create an album of different dresses that each group wears (t's in the photo albums area of this group).

If you're interested in looking at pictures of full ethnic families you should check out this link:

It's very well shot and contains all 56 ethnic groups recognized by the PRC.

As a side note here's a list of the "unrecognized" ethnic groups:


  • Ayi people
  • Äynu people
  • Gejia (亻革家人, Gèjiā Rén)
  • Bajia (八甲人, Bājiǎ Rén)
  • Deng (僜人, Dèng Rén)
  • Khmu (克木人, Kèmù Rén)
  • Kucong (Yellow Lahu/Lahu Shi (苦聪人; Traditional: 苦聰人; Kǔcōng Rén)
  • Mang (芒人, Máng Rén)
  • Sherpas (夏尔巴人; Traditional: 夏爾巴人; Xiàěrbā Rén)
  • Tuvans (图瓦人, Túwǎ Rén)
  • Yi (羿人, Yìrén)
  • Youtai (犹太; Traditional: 猶太; Yóutài) (Jewish people of China and Jewish people in general)
  • Yamato Japanese (大和民族) and Ryukyuans (琉球民族) living as permanent residents in Taiwan and North East China (Dalian)
  • Macanese (土生葡人, Descendant of Portuguese in Macau since 16th century)
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