Summer Program dates and themes

Discussion started by Nora Cate Schaeffer , on 31 May 07:48 AM

Hello.  Would it be possible to post the upcoming summer program schedule on the website?  I wanted to refer some folks to it, but I don't find the schedule there.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.  Thank you!

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Nora Cate Schaeffer
Ahh...Thank you! I'll tell them! Best, n
4182 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
Hey Nora,

It's under "Classes" then "Youth Programs" on the main page.

Also under this group which is open to everyone (no need to sign-up)
4185 days ago
Nora Cate Schaeffer

Hello! If people who are not yet members of zykfa search for the information about the martial arts summer program, will a search engine find it? Someone asked me about a summer program and I referred them to zykfa, but they said they couldn't find the summer program info. Could it go on the home page? Best, n
4185 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
ATTENTION: Week 4 - August 27 - August 31 (Lion Dance II) is FULL, we will be accepting sign-ups but they will be on waiting lists.
4200 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
2012 ZYKFA Youth Summer Program

ZYKFA Youth Martial Arts & Enrichment Summer Day Program – Topics & Tuition

1. August 6 – August 10 (Lion Dance I )
2. August 13 – August 17 (Chinese Culture, Sites & Sounds)
3. August 20 – August 24 (Myth’s, Legends & Lore)
4. August 27 – August 31 (Lion Dance II)

Tuition explanation:

• There will be a onetime registration fee of $40.00 per child, regardless of total number of sessions attended. This fee includes two ZYKFA Summer Program t-shirts for the child.
• Each weekly session is $200.00
• A daily rate of $50.00 is available for a limited number of part-time students.

Full Session - $200.00 / per week
Daily Rate - $50.00 / per day
*Daily Meal Plan- $25.00 / per week
Registration Fee- $40.00 / one time


* We will provide meals prepared by area Chinese restaurants daily with the Daily Meal Plan fee, but children wishing to bring sack lunches may do so.

Summer day program fees do not count towards monthly tuition for regular ZYKFA students.

Please Note: cancellations with less than 2 weeks’ notice prior to the session will be subject to a penalty fee of $40.00

We accept cash or checks made payable to ZYKFA

Thank you,

Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association
4205 days ago
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