Molly's 31st - Saturday, April 14

Discussion started by Molly Cowden , on 24 March 02:40 PM

Before I forget, yet again, to post this on here... I'm going to do it while I'm actually thinking about it.

You are all invited to a little shindig I've put together (with not a whole lot of effort, mind you) to celebrate the 1st anniversary of my 30th birthday.

When:  Saturday, April 14
Time:  6:00pm to whenever
Where:  Erin's Snug Irish Pub, 4601 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53718

There will be food and drink... and music, possibly, it is an Irish pub.  :)  Just find the rowdy bunch by the patio and you'll be in the right place.

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chris miscik
I showed up at midnight and the place was abandoned. I chat with the bartender who says there's a girl in the bathroom who was at the party, she tells me everyone cleared out around 9:00. 9:00!!?? Was Matlock on or something? Sheesh! In my country "to whenever" means sunrise or thereabouts.

All teasing aside, happy birthday! Sorry I got there too late (once again).
4378 days ago
Molly Cowden
Excellent... we'd love to have you & E there and we'll be there for awhile, so whenever. :)
4385 days ago
CJ Kucera
Cool - we're seeing a dance thing at the UW that night, but we'll see if we can pop 'round after or before.
4388 days ago
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