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Discussion started by Woody Wallace , on 02 May 10:16 PM

Hi All, it's time for the dragon boat race again this year.  

This is a big boat and requires a big team (17-24 people) to row.  Last, year we were excited to be one of the few non-expert teams to field a full team from one organization.  Let's do it again this year.  Ask anyone who did it last year, it was lots of fun.  It is a full day event, with at least a couple race heats, lion dance, drumming, presentations, and the teams barbequing and making a party out of it.

Important Dates:


  • Race day is Saturday, June 23.
  • The registration fee is due May 15
  • The final roster is due June 1. 

Cost: $15/person.  I need this money by May 15 from at least  20 people as I will be paying the fee that day.  This is a substantial discount over the regular costs as Zhong Yi is sponsoring the event with a lion dance.  You will see that this event takes a lot to put on including 30, 50 ft long boats, all the paddles, and experienced steerspeople.  The money also goes to a good cause.  Team Survivor, Madison.

Rules to note:

  • We need at least 16 people (8 have to be female) in order to race.
  • We can have as many as 24 people on the official roster.
  • We can have as many as 20 paddlers and a drummer in the boat.
  • We need to submit at least a 16 person roster by June 1
  • They did allow race day substitutions if we need to swap people in the morning of the race.
  • We must attend the practice in the boat prior to the race.  This will be a day or two before the race day, so everyone must plan on being there.  We need at least 16.
  • All paddlers need to be at least 14 years of age by June 23.  Sorry kids... but you can still participate in the lion dance, cheer us on, and bbq with us.
  • We will need a drummer.  The drummer needs to be assertive and keep cadence for the boat.  Cadence wins this race, not strength or speed.

Organizational Help:  If you are interested in helping to organize this year's team, I would greatly appreciate it.  With it so close to Katy's due date, and lots to do to prepare for the baby, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to organize and will need backup on race day, in case I can't be there.  I'll need at least one assistant manager, and I think we'll be asking for others to assist on race day, as keeping a 20 person team together requires some teamwork!  Please let me know if you are interested.

Hope to have you on the team,





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CJ Kucera
The 2012 results are posted on their site now and I was curious how the times matched up to last year in general. Our best time this year was faster than our best time last year, though our average time went up. Turns out that times were slower this year all across the board, though, so either it was a little longer this year or there was more wind in the way, etc. I thought it was interesting, at least. Here's all the race times from both years (the X axis is in seconds, btw):


And in case anyone else is as obsessive as me, here's a CSV with all the race times for the past two years (for all teams) -

4302 days ago
Woody Wallace
Also, we are looking for a BBQ/tent area manager, who is willing to coordinate food and drink and the tent area for the team. Thanks.
4333 days ago
Woody Wallace
Just post here or in the Team group, because I will be taking down the roster sheet temporarily. We can still add people to the roster up to the day of the event.
4333 days ago
Woody Wallace
By the way, we still need 2 women... invite your friends! Also t-shirt sizes are due tomorrow. I will order some extras, but anyone who wants a specific size and hasn't signed up yet, needs to sign up by tomorrow morning!


4333 days ago
Woody Wallace
If you are going to be involved in this years Dragon Boat festival as a competitor or just in a support role and want to keep up on information about the tournament, please join the group under the Team tab. Thanks!
4333 days ago
Nora Cate Schaeffer
Just back in town and looking at the calendar -- what a mess! If we leave for Ann Arbor on Sunday 24 June, we'll come cheer the boat on. But we're probably leaving on Saturday, and, if we do, we'll just be there in spirit.
4340 days ago
Rachel Spahr
Same day as my bridal shower. Darn wedding interfering with so much that I want to do!
4350 days ago
Woody Wallace
Chuck has volunteered to be the assistant team manager. Please pay him or I as soon as possible so I can put in the entry fee, which is due next week. If you pay one of us, we will check your name off on the roster.
4356 days ago
Woody Wallace
Thanks, Molly!
4356 days ago
Molly Cowden
I put the shout out to all my gals knowing we tend to eek by with girl power. I'm in... and hopefully I can dra a few more along with me. :)
4357 days ago
Elaine Meszaros
woot, we're in! I'd be happy to drum, unless you need the muscle in the middle more.
4361 days ago
Woody Wallace
I will be posting the registration flyer at the school sometime this week.
4362 days ago
Woody Wallace
4362 days ago
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