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Discussion started by Nelson Ferreira , on 16 May 08:43 PM


Hey guys Jes Peterson, an old student at ZYKFA, sent me this message and figured the creative types at ZYKFA might be interested in this:


"A couple of my friends had the idea to pool our resources and try filming some horror movie shorts (think Tales from the Crypt or something like that), that we'd be showing on YouTube or WYOU, and other appropriate places. :)  We're looking for basically everything at this point; writers, actors, film crew, musicians, costumes, makeup, or anyone willing to lend a hand and learn something new.


At this point, it's going to be mainly volunteer work, from Memorial Day to Labor Day (or thereabouts).

All work will be fully credited. Hooray!


So far, we've had one meeting, and you can find the summary at the following link:


Let me know if you're interested in any of this, and feel free invite anyone along!"

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I get "This content is currently unavailable", though I'm not a Facebook user so I have no idea if it works when logged in or not. Maybe it's 'cause they spelled Cinco de Mayo wrong. ;)
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I feel like that link definitely did not work for me.
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It needs to have kung fu in it though. Like Mr Vampire style.
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