Older son thinking about teaching English in China

Discussion started by Lou Immendorf , on 29 May 01:56 PM

My older son is looking into teaching English in China and I think that some of you already done this. I am looking for any information and advice that you can share.

Thanks, Lou

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Lou Immendorf
Hi Taylor,

That sounds great. I need to talk with my son and figure out what we are going to do next.
Will check in with you on Monday or Wednesday when I know more about his plans then put you guys in touch with each other.

Thanks, Lou
4331 days ago
Taylor McElligott

So I did spend a year teaching English in China. It really depends on how he's going about doing this. Is he going to apply to work through a recruiting agency or a non-profit group? Is there any particular location he wants to work or type of location (i.e. rural vs urban, East vs West, North vs South)? Definitely some questions to think about. I went without any preferences or knowledge of the variation, so I was pretty naive regarding how working in the rural south is nothing like working in Beijing.

If he would like to hear more about my time spent in China, I'd be more than happy to chat away. I just figured I'd leave some general advice about the preliminary stages.
4333 days ago
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