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Discussion started by Elaine Meszaros , on 03 July 08:46 AM

Hey Kids - one of my best friends, Vibeke, is a prop-master in Copenhagen.  They're doing a play that is set in Hollywood in the home of rich republicans.  She has tasked me with gathering a bunch of stuff and sending it over to them.  If you happen to have any of this stuff sitting around, I'd be happy to take it.  Here's the weird scavnenger hunt list she sent me:

1) Waterbottle labels - preferably ridiculously expensive ones. 3-4 different kínds. Easily identifiable as fancy and american, if possible. You can just empty out the water and send the empty bottles along. I have no clue what constitutes a fancy water bottle in the states :P googleing has not yielded any good answers either.
2) Republican newspapers ... they're on the props list. Hmm. I found mentions of the Daily Republican and Rebublican-American as being Rep. papers. If you can get hold of any CA papers from the larger cities, i.e. SanFran, San Diego or LA, that'd be awesome too. As long as they aren't Democrat - *shudder*. 3-4 different issues of each.
3) Magazines: A) Gourmet, B) Travel and Leisure, C) rep magazines, such as: Human Events (Ronnie's fave - yum!), American Spectator, etc., D) fancy ladies' magazines - dunno what that would be? 3-4 of each of these categories.
4) Kinko's manuscrips boxes. Those flat 250 page boxes, A4 format. 6 of them.
5) Wrapping paper with stars and stripes or somesuch. Fancy/expensive. Also if there's ribbons with some sort of American iconography on it. This is a wish, if you bump into it, that is.
6) Christmas shopping bags - fancy looking. Now this is just a wild shot, since we're totally out of season.
7) To-from cards. As with the other things - fancy. Not important, though, as I can make this myself.
8) Shopping bags from Saks. normal and Xmas ones. Do you ever go down to Chicago or do you try to stay the hell outta there (I know I would)? I think that's the nearest Saks to you guys. I've tried writing the Saks offices, but as of yet no answer. Next step is calling them to see if they have christmas bags from 2011 stored away. (my cousin in NY are on this one -E)
9) Cigarette boxes - some of those slim ones. Virginia Slim? For the alcoholic, but entertaining, aunt. Other types of slim cigarettes. 2-3 boxes. Throw out the contents with relish ;) Or give them to your favorite smoker.

Clearly, you can see this is all stuff I have sitting around my house *eye roll*.  Thanks! - E.

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Andrew Ruis
Theresa reads fashion mags; I'll see if she has any old ones I can bring in.
4299 days ago
Brian Moellers
Talk about bad timing. Last week I was in San Fran and I could have gotten you a paper easily. However I really have none of the other stuff you mention so I cannot help you.
4301 days ago
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