Developer picks on the wrong family

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From the UKTimes:

When 30 thugs surrounded the home of Shen Jianzhong, their orders from the property developer who allegedly hired them were simple: turf the family on to the street so that the bulldozers could smash the house to rubble.

Unfortunately for the hired muscle, they were missing a crucial piece of information: Mr Shen is a noted kung fu master, and holder of various records for speed pushups. What’s more, he had thoroughly trained his wife and son in the Chinese martial art.

The first wave of attackers burst through the front door, hoping to deliver the sort of beating that can normally be relied upon to ensure compliance. A flurry of feet and fists erupted in the Shen family kitchen.

Moments later seven of the thugs were lying unconscious and their comrades had retreated outdoors to nurse their wounds. When police arrived, they found several of the goons receiving medical treatment. A video of the aftermath appeared on a Chinese website.

The incident took place in Bazhou, Hebei province, on October 29, shortly before China began its once-a-decade change of leadership.

The Shens had alerted police to threats they had received but, with Party officials eager to project an image of peace and stability, were told that the matter would not be dealt with until after the 18th Party Congress.

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