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We've occasionally talked about the possibility of having a ZYKFA Minecraft server up somewhere, and I figured I'd finally go ahead and put one up.

The Short Version

You can connect to: minecraft.apocalyptech.com
The server's currently running: Vanilla Minecraft 1.4.6
My minecraft username is: xolotl
Currently there's no whitelist, so anyone can connect. Once we get a few players, I'll be switching it to whitelisted. Leave your Minecraft username in this thread so we know who you are!

The ??? Version

In case you don't know what we're talking about, Minecraft is a weird little computer game where you punch trees to collect their wood, build magnificent structures, smelt ore, go exploring, and occasionally get attacked by skeletons.  It's a pretty charming game which is available at http://minecraft.net/

The game's not free, unfortunately - it currently runs about $26, I believe.  If you've never played before, feel free to just dive right in, though watching some of their featured tutorial videos might clear up some confusion for you.

The Longer Version

The server's in survival mode at the moment, so hostile mobs will attack you.  I think that I'll primarily be playing in survival mode, but I actually don't care if anyone would rather just build in Creative, so let me know and I can set that on a per-player basis.  When your user is set to Creative, hostile mobs won't attack you unless you attack them first - even Creepers won't explode.

Be careful with lava+fire, and let me know if something gets out of hand and burns down a whole forest or something.  The world map gets backed up nightly, so if something disastrous happens, I can always restore to an older version.

Be nice, and courteous, etc.  Don't grief anyone unless you've made some kind of prior agreement to purposefully troll each other, or something.  :)

As I mentioned above, the server's currently just running the vanilla Minecraft server - if there's a desire or need to do so, we can always switch over to something running Bukkit, or whatever the most common server mod is.  I'd probably only be interested in doing so for build-protection purposes, though, not for gameplay alteration.

The main area where everyone spawns at first is protected from ordinary user updates - you won't be able to build or mine within its 33x33 block area.  You'll see that the edges are marked on the ground with fences - once you're outside there, you'll be able to do whatever you like (though it'd be nice to keep the immediately-surrounding area relatively untouched).  If you're digging or exploring underground and happen to come across a solid wall of iron blocks, you've hit the edge of the spawn-protected zone (it goes all the way down to bedrock).

And speaking of that, do try to replace trees you cut down, and generally preserve neat-looking things.  Minecraft is pretty!

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