Studio Ghibli film retrospective this winter

Discussion started by CJ Kucera , on 17 December 03:13 PM

The local film group Cinematheque just announced their Winter 2013 schedule, which happens to include a 14-film Studio Ghibli retrospective.  There's plenty here which isn't Miyazaki, of course, but I'd definitely love to go see many of these.  They're all on Sunday at 2:00PM, and held in the Chazen's main theater.

Jan 27 - Spirited Away
Feb 3 - Nausicaä
Feb 10 - Castle in the Sky
Feb 17 - Only Yesterday
Feb 24 - My Neighbor Totoro
Mar 3 - Porco Rosso
Mar 10 - Pom Poko
Mar 17 - Kiki's Delivery Service
Mar 24 - Whisper of the Heart
Apr 7 - Ocean Waves
Apr 21 - Princess Mononoke
Apr 28 - My Neighbors the Yamadas
May 5 - The Cat Returns
May 12 - Howl's Moving Castle

A few of 'em are right on top of lion dance activities (we'll miss Nausicaä for sure, which is right on top of the Platteville date, and I suspect we'll be busy on Chinese New Year as well).  Most of them are in Japanese (w/ subtitles), though the ones that Disney brought over appear to be using their English-dubbed versions.

Also of interest in the series is some bizarre movie called "Miami Connection" which is summed up like so:

A long-lost pinnacle of the VHS era, this newly unearthed whatsit is the sole feature of Tae Kwon Do master and nascent outsider artist Y.K. Kim. When a gang of motorcycle ninjas takes over the Floridian drug trade, it falls to a heroic martial arts/new wave band called Dragon Synth to save the day.  Among the film’s head-scratching, head-spinning delights are ineptly staged battle royales, a synth-rock paean to true friendship, and the single greatest scene of someone checking their mailbox in the history of cinema.

So yeah, good times.  The AV Club recently reviewed it, as well.  That's on February 25th.

Oh, and on March 18th they're showing Evil Dead II.  So there's that, too.

Anyway, further details here:

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CJ Kucera
Good lord, but that does look mighty bad. :)
4084 days ago
Nelson Ferreira
Sounds great too bad about Nausicaa though... we should definitely watch some of them... about Miami Connection I think it would be fair to say "a long lost straight to video release by a megalomaniac TKD teacher..."

Here's a clip:
4084 days ago
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