2014 Capital City Dragonfest Results / Numbers

Discussion started by CJ Kucera , on 24 June 07:47 AM

Since I'm a sucker for data, I've updated the little spreadsheet thing I'd put together in 2012 which aggregates all the Capital Lakes Dragonfest times into a single table; you can check it out here:


After some digging, I did find out that the race was 80m shorter this year (350m in 2011+2012, 270m in 2014), so our crazy speed improvement was helped a lot by that, and times in general were much faster than last year.  I added in a new "pace" column to account for the length difference.

I put up a graph of relative paces over here, highlighting our own paces (bigger numbers = better) -


So, our paces this year were actually uniformly higher than they were in previous years.  (When I'd originally posted this, I'd thought that the race was 250m, which had put us just about even with our other paces.)

Anyway, had a lot of fun, looking forward to next year.

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Woah, so our slowest race this year was still a faster average pace than any previous race we did?
3446 days ago
CJ Kucera
Ah, hey! It turns out that the 2014 race was actually 270 meters, not 250. That actually does put our pace solidly up above what we'd done on previous races. Woo! I updated the CSV and graphic to reflect...
3451 days ago
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