Jersey, Shorts or Bibs Order

This is an album created so you are able to see the sizing chart and what the Jersey, Shorts and Bibs will look like in terms of cut, pocket placement and zipper (full zipper). We will later upload a picture of the jersey design (designed by ZYKFA's own Randy Roden through his business Roden Creative) and start taking orders. Keep in mind sizing is in centimenters (1 centimeter = 0.39 inches)
ZYKFA Cycling
Jersey Side Back
Jersey Bib Front
Jersey Shorts
Shorts Front Side
Coolmax padding
Color Scheme for Jersey and Shorts/Bibs (this is the basic idea)
Logo Placement for Jersey and Shorts/Bibs (basic idea)
Triathlon Suit (basic idea) - some people were interested in this too.
Jersey Sizing Chart - This is for both men and women.
Visual Sizing Chart Men's in inches. These are the main measurements you'll need to consider.
Men Shorts Sizing Chart
Men Bib Short Sizing
Men's sizing for shorts and bibs waist sizes in inches... I'm going to double check these numbers because I'm pretty sure they're running small and the 3XL sample bibs we got were fitting right around 40"-42".
Women Shorts Sizing Chart
Women Bibs Sizing Chart
Triathlon Suit Sizing
First 12 people who order a full kit (Jersey & Shorts, Jersey and Bibs or a Triathlon suit will get a pair of these sunglasses FREE!
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