Pain Teaches

Today is just one of those days where pain teaches many lessons as long as you remain open to what is being shown. Pain is simply a reaction of your body to something that has caused it to be stressed to a point that it does not need to be at. It is not a good thing but it is not a bad thing. That quality of good or bad can only be applied to our reaction to the painful stimulus.

Pain teaches us to be honest but only if we truly let it. It is easy to use pain to mask the honesty behind a veil of frustration and out right anger. This is a defense mechanism to allow us to lash out and in a vain attempt to control the pain. In the end it allows us to us that pain to wound our friends, families, and even strangers. We strive to lessen our pain by passing it to others but in the end it is our integrity and our honor that is truly wounded and lost. Pain is not fun but remember to think before allowing fear to push you to something destructive. Just think that if you do not find pain fun, then why would you want to put others you in the same position. Instead, strive to capture that pain, transform it within, and then unleash it again as simple beauty to counter the pain that already exists in this world.

Pain teaches us to be honest. I would never advocate pushing through pain but nor would I suggest using it to control others. Although not quite the same as anger, using pain for sympathy and gain is dishonest. It once again pushes the pain on others and in the end that is as bad as lashing out at others. It is okay to take help that is offerred especially when you feel that you can no longer stand, but it is no more right to demand sympathy than it is to demand respect. Demanding either is the best way to loose both.

Pain is not easy but it is honest. In our lives it will come and go, sometimes by our actions or without our consent. Although I admit sometimes living a life of pain can be scary and causes you to question many things that you cannot control, it can be dealt with. I wish it had an easy solution but if you simply practice not using it as an excuse, there are great lessons to be learned and once you learn them perhaps great days to be had by all.

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