The ZYKFA is, as of 3/15/21, open to MEMBERS ONLY. Classes are limited to 4 students max and to participate you must schedule yourself through the Zen Planner app. All classes will be transmitted trhough Zoom for students unbale to attend in person.

ZYKFA Cycling

ZYKFA Cycling
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ZYKFA Cycling
Saturday, 16 June 2012


Open group for ZYKFA members, family and friends to enjoy all level group rides on Sundays and other events throughout the year.


Monday, 18 June 2012 by Nelson Ferreira

The group is designed for all ages and ability levels for fun and exercise. Group is headed by Taylor M. and James C. and is open to all ZYKFA students, family and friends. All kind of bikes are welcome (road, mountain, commuters, fixies, etc...) just keep in mind the distances and durations of each ride (riding a bmx bike for 20 miles is not fun...)


Kind of an addendum to Rule #4 = Let people know of approaching vehicles by saying either "Car back." for vehicles approaching from behind, or "Car up." for oncoming traffic.
Last replied by Taylor McElligott on Thursday, 28 June 2012
There's already 9 people signed-up for the kits, make sure to put your order in right away because not only will we run out of glasses but we need to get the order in by Friday of this week! Don't delay.
Last replied by Nelson Ferreira on Sunday, 08 July 2012


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Chinese Kung Fu Bicycle!! 02:25
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NHTSA's Bike Safe, Bike Smart 08:48
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NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults 07:24
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Whatever happened to the idea of doing rides on Saturday after the battle array practice?
Taylor McElligottTaylor McElligott on Thursday, 20 June 2013 06:57

Still a plan, but this week is testing for youth and adults. I assumed the turnout would be a little low. Also I'm testing this week.

2879 days ago
Taylor McElligott
Hey all!

Due to varying circumstances (aka bike accident), I will not be leading any additional bike rides this season (year?). If weather permits and you do feel inclined, feel free to post here to notify other interested members.

Best of luck to all! I wish you the very best!

3120 days ago
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