The ZYKFA is CLOSED from 3/16 until further noitice due to the health advisory on C-19. Online content is available here and on Facebook.

We will be available to help our members with workouts and other content as needed. Please stay safe and contact Shifu directly with any questions.

Chinese Kickboxing

This is where our students work on their Northen Shaolin skills and concepts in a sport contact environment (under both Sanda and Kuoshu rules). Students are taught rules, strategies, concepts as well as working on punching, kicking, seizing and throwing techniques individually as well as in combinations. Students work with a variety of partners throughout the class in order to learn concepts such as range, timing and distance. Many adult students go on to fight competitively in full contact style tournaments that are held regionally, nationally and internationally. There are three levels for the main program (ages 14 and up), held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also offer a Youth & Teens Sanda class (ages 8-18) on Fridays that covers all the basics of proper fight training. Attendees wear protective gear, and the instructor closely monitors practice.

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