Watertown Library Lion & Dragon Dance

On Sunday 1/28/2012 we had the wonderful experience of doing a Lion & Dragon Dance for the Watertown Library. The turn out was awesome, we had lots o great questions from kids and adults about the history and traditions and also some great pictures were taken! This is what we love, being able to reach out to different communities and share our joy and knowledge about the culture.

I would like to thank Michelle Wyler and the Watertown Library, once again, for contacting us for this event.

There was an article about it on the Watertown Daily newspaper (we made the front page! Specifically Jaia under the dragon), by Samantha Christian, she sent me a link with all the pictures taken by the paper:


If you are interested it is possible to purchase pictures directly from them online, there's some great shots of the lions interacting with the crowd and some great shots of the youth team. Check it out!

恭喜發財! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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