Lion Dances, Lion Dances, Lion Dances!

Today, Sunday 3/25/2012, the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association performed a five (5) lion Lion Dance for the University of Wisconsin Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC). The event was for their annual Chinese language speech contest which draws people from all over the state and beyond. We did the opening for the event and it was quite fun a big ZYKFA crew showed up and they even showed off some skills they learned recently (yesterday was the first of our ongoing Lion Dance classes - Saturdays from 2-3pm). The location was the Social Sciences Building Room 6210, 1180 Observatory Dr. I would like to thank Richard Young, CLACC and the UW for inviting us to perform at this event and we hope there will be many more in the future for the organization.

Don't forget that this Friday (3/30/2012) at 8:30pm at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside we will be performing another Lion Dance for the UWP's Asian Culture Week. UW- Parkside is just south of Milwaukee located between the cities of Racine and Kenosha, it should be a great time for a Lion Dance as it will be the first time we perform in the Milwaukee/Kenosha area, we have performed many times in the Racine area, for several events, and even my favorite Chinese herbal medicine shop The Laughing Dragon! But this time it'll be a little further south.

Last but not least don't forget the Kai Guang Ceremony (Eye Dotting) we will be realizing for the first, of many, lions we will have this year! on Saturday April 7th between 2 and 3 pm. It's open to the public and it's going to be great, this is a very special lion because it's used specifically for weddings, anniversaries and other private joyous occasions (you will not see this lion during the Chinese New Year, so it's a treat!). As I said this will be the first of many we will do this year, after this one we will do one for Hong Kong Cafe for the other sponsored lion (sometime in April/May) and it will all culminate with the lion I've been waiting for all of my life, a custom made Ferreira/Zhong Yi Lion by none other than experts (such as Corey Chan) at Of Course Lion Source ( ), we are hoping that this custom project will be ready for the ZYKFA 17th Anniversary Party which will be held on October 6th of this year. Trust me this last Kai Guang of the year will be a truly remarkable event, that you don't want to miss, as this is going to be no ordinary lion, check out the OCLS website to see what I mean.

Hope to see you all there and thank you all for the support of ZYKFA and Chinese martial culture!


Nelson Ferreira

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