Jeff Emmanuelli (歐陽靖 - Ōuyáng Jìng)

Jeff began his martial arts training in 1982, under the guidance of his father, studying Tae Kwon Do and later on also studied Aikido. In 1999 he began his studies at ZYKFA under Shifu Ferreira. Jeff also participates in the ZYKFA Taolu Team, the Zhong Yi Lion Dance Troupe and was a member of Team USA for the 1st Pan-American Kuoshu Championship held in Brazil (2001), World Kuoshu Championship held in Brazil (2003) and at the Second World Kuoshu Championships which was held in Singapore (2006). Always looking to expand his knowledge of Chinese martial arts, Jeff studies Taijiquan under Shifu Elizabeth Jones. Jeff is also a certified judge (national) through the USKSF. Currently Jeff teaches Bei Shaolinquan to a youth group at the American Chinese School and Taijiquan on Madison's westside. He became an official ZYKFA Instructor in 2006 and just recently, in 2014, he became the very first Senior Instructor of the Association as well as the Da Shixiong (Eldest Brother) at ZYKFA.

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