The ZYKFA plans on opening on Monday, June 8th, 2020 for limited classes and attendance.

The school will be open for MEMBERS ONLY at this time.

If you are a member please contact Shifu about scheduling your classes.

Community Service

Activities of ZYKFA members in the community:


Some ZYKFA certified Instructors are able to teach our system outside of the ZYKFA.

Currently ZYKFA Instructor Jeff Emmanuelli teaches the basics of Bei Shaolinquan at the American Chinese School on the west side of Madison.

Current certified ZYKFA Instructors:

  • Brian Moellers (inactive)
  • James Ciolksz (inactive)
  • Michael Moody (inactive)
  • Jeff Emmanuelli
  • Rachel Spahr
  • Neil Anderson
  • Davron Shumpert
  • Kevin Lozada
  • Kimba Tieu
  • Woody Wallace
  • Andrew Ruis
  • Paul Liss
  • Charles Carpenter
  • Ronald Webster
  • Andrew Nepstad
  • Wesley Strey

Police training actors:

Members of the ZYKFA volunteer their time to the Madison Police Department to work as actors in various "Rapid Deployment" scenario trainings for MPD cadets.

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