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Hitting snags

I found myself hitting some snags last week.

First of all I had been doing really well eating healthy and exercising - I lost 3 lbs. But then last weekend happened with all the eating out and Packer game beer enjoyment. Back up a pound and a 1/2. I also was reminded why I need to keep eating properly and getting proper hydration. Let's just call it "digestive distress" and leave it at that. Ugh.

Also I was so busy over the weekend my commitment to practicing my sets was tested. Saturday I pulled through. Sunday, not so much.

But Monday I've starting back again eating healthy and drinking water and regular practice of my Tao Lu. Already I feel a little better.

Moral of the story - you can go for what is pleasant now (eating tasty crap, enjoying some sloth) but you will pay for it later. Or keep your focus on the bigger prize (more kung fu knowledge, smaller waistline) and reap the benefits.

Something for me to remember next time I have a get together with my friends.

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