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Thank you again Rachel for posting this challenge. 2013 has started with enough curve balls for me already but this challenge has helped me to focus. I haven't been chiming in as I should but I have been practicing my sets. There are days I only practice one and vary the tempo and focus on the applications but I have been faithful. THANK YOU AGAIN, my respects and well wishes to you all.
Started by Rachel Spahr.
Pretty awesome that she volunteered though, kudos to Jaia! :)
Started by Andrew Nepstad.
Very nice article Neil, I definitely recommend getting it. Made a plug about it on the ZYKFA Facebook page a few days ago.
Started by Neil Anderson.
I'll be there, staying at the Ramada as per usual.
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
The books I do have them but I've lost several of them over the years due to lending them out. If there's a book you really can't find we can arrange something. Most of them I recommend for your own library for reference. The lyrics are available in the photo galleries. Each picture should have it in the description area. I'll see what I can do about Mr. Chiba
Started by james.
Neil, those are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.
Started by Neil Anderson.
Still not enough heat is being generated from the room heaters to bring the school's temp to 65, so far the highest temp is 56, but as the temps rise tomorrow and the unit gets into the final stages of installation, I'm pretty confident we will have classes by tomorrow night. Thank you all for your patience. PS- This is a good time to sign-up on the website and read all about the different levels you are a part of.
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
Ah, cool, thanks - that's never shown up for me, presumably because I've always been logged-in when I've looket at it.
Started by CJ Kucera.