Building a Better Rachel

I'm deciding to use my blog space for something blatantly self-serving (sorry). You see, I have not only allowed myself to gain an embarrassingly large amount of weight, but my kung fu studies have also been really slacking as of late. I do also hope this will be something that may help a student or two out there either just get to know me better or understand my life philosophy that success doesn't mean never failing but to keep trying after failure. Or it may just be entertaining.

A little background: During my adult life I have lost weight two times, only to gain it back again. This is just counting the times I've gotten down to or close to my goal weight of around 120-125. Several other times I've tried and failed other "fitness plans."

So I've started anew. Or sort of anew - I got back into this after my wedding when I was at my all time high weight, which I won't disclose, but let's just say I need to lose about a 2nd grader (based on my step-daughters current weight). So far I've lost a large infant. It's a start!

Also for reasons that are also probably the reason for my weight gain, I have been slacking in my practice of Kung Fu. Sure I'm usually there on a Monday evening teaching beginners, but I haven't been practicing at home and I haven't been making it into town much to take class myself. Granted I did just get married, and anyone whom has ever done that knows how much planning is involved and how it can suck your time away. Also I live in Jefferson - about a 45 minute drive on a good day. Those are my excuses, and they are just that. Excuses.

So I am endeavoring to do the following to help change my life and become a better Rachel

1. I will keep a food journal to help me track my nutrition and caloric intake. You cannot out-train a poor diet - I know this to be true. I am not following any specific diet program however. Not that there aren't some things that work for some people, but for me simply eating a range of food, focusing on healthier fare and writing it all down so I'm accountable has worked for me. When I failed was when I stopped journaling and stopped being accountable. I have to acknowledge that I will have to do this for the rest of my life. Does it stink a little that I can't be like normal folks and just eat what I want when I feel like it? You bet, but being obese stinks a whole lot more.

2. I will continue with my Zumba class on Tuesday night. I gave it a try starting in October and I absolutely love it! I work out so hard, leave a pile of sweat and it's right here in Jefferson. Convenience for the win!

3. I will endeavor to practice Kung Fu on Thursdays. This will be starting next Thursday 1/10 as today (1/3) I have prior plans

4. I will start showing up to practice on Saturdays as well - starting this week

5. Challenges - I am now continuing with a squat challenge I started in December, doing a push up challenge this month and on our message board I started a tao lu challenge - in an effort to get myself used to practicing at home. Those sets I know well will soon be even better, those I know not so well will be relearned, brushed up, made more firm in my mind.

6. Blog semi-regularly to keep myself on track.

Other things may be added (I'm toying with a plan to eliminate soda, but I'll be honest, I'm just not ready yet)

Stay tuned for my updates of my progress and feel free to join in the Tao Lu challenge on the message board.


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