Lion Dances!

With Chinese New Year almost upon us, it is Lion Dance season! I have started making it to some Lion Dance practices. I'm quite amazed at how much improvement I've seen in all facets of the dance. We seem so much more like a well-oiled machine this year!

On a personal note, although my weight loss has stalled somewhat (thanks to my love of sweets) I do feel like I'm in better shape this year overall than I was last year at this time. Lion dancing is never easy but my leg muscles and cardio capacity are more robust than last year. I credit my more frequent at-home practice and my Zumba class for that.

I do wish I've been able to make it to more Thursday classes. I have found life getting in the way - most of Rhianna's school based activities seem to be scheduled on a Thursday evening. And where that hasn't kept me near home, lack of gas money has. With my old vehicle I can count on 1/4 of a tank of gas for each trip into Madison and back. So I take each week as it comes. This Thursday I'll be there. Next Thursday I already know about a parent-teacher conference so Kung fu will have to take a back seat.

I'm hoping that if I sign up for enough Lion Dances the extra boost in exercise will translate to a few more pounds gone on the scale!

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