Sometimes life gets in the way

This weekend life through me for a little loop. I have to be honest and say I didn't deal with it well. Instead of channeling my feelings into practicing, or even practicing in order to distract myself from life, I pretty much threw a little bit of a pity party. It involved fattening goodness, sloth, crying on my husband's shoulder and allowing myself to get off track.

Now that my personal issues are resolved (at least partly, at least for now) I can refocus on my training and trying to fuel my body better.

I'm excited about the upcoming International Festival Lion Dance. It's this upcoming Sunday - the 27th, at the Overture Center. Come on down and participate or even just watch. I'm hoping this year will be even more impressive than in years past. I've attended a few Lion Dance practices - everyone is working so hard to improve our dancing and/or musicianship skills!

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