Dreams, goals and bucket lists


Maybe it's dealing with cancer, maybe it's the deaths of some of my friends parents, or perhaps it's my own upcoming milestone birthday (I'm turning 40) but I've been thinking a lot lately about my life, what I've done so far, and especially about what I want to do yet before I leave this earth. What should I put on my bucket list? I've already thought of a few things:


1. Step foot on all the Continents. Maybe Antarctica is optional, but if I can take a ship over from South America or Africa (whichever is closest) just to say I set foot on there, that might be good enough.

2. Earn all the levels of Instructor. Become a Shifu, even if I only ever teach out of my own basement.

3. Get in good enough shape to look nice in a bikini, even if I never wear one (I have some significant scars that I'm self-conscious about and radiation has only darkened them).

4. Visit Sweden, Switzerland and Germany - countries my family emigrated to America from.

5. Give blood. Yes I've never done this. No I don't have a good reason why I haven't.

6. Learn to play guitar. I don't have to get good at it, but just good enough to play a simple tune. Learn to read notes is critical.

7. Visit Ireland. Tour the Guinness Brewery.

8. Ride on a motorcycle. With someone I trust.

9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

10. See the Pacific Ocean (the farthest west I've set foot in is Phoenix)

11. Visit New York City. Eat some of their pizza.

12. See Niagara Falls

13. Have Maine Lobster. In Maine.

14. Have Jambalaya. In New Orleans.

15. Visit the Rocky Mountains.

16. Take my step-daughter to Disney World (that one's actually in the works)

17. Maybe compete. Just one more time.

18. Learn to dance. Type right now is being debated.

19. Go to a football game in Lambeau again.

20. Visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


That's the list I've came up with so far in no particular order. What's on your bucket list?

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