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So here's the update... Her name is Addelyna Bellissa. Audra and I just visited yesterday, mom and dad look great and the baby is just precious!
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
I was so excited for a minute because I thought she was MY lost raptor, but no, the eyes are wrong. . . .
Started by CJ Kucera.
Thanks for feedback. Sven, it's more of an IT odd job service, thanks though. E., thanks for your response, FYI-was with the grandkids last weekend, else I would have been at game night. (Still getting used to being called "Grandpa Roden") Colleen, will contact Mark. Randy
Started by Randall Roden.
BTW, I think the main Q word one needs for a late Q draw is Qi -- yes, it's in the dictionary. Qat is also useful. Now you know my only scrabble trick. And if someone would please beat Emma at Hive...it's just so depressing losing to her over and over again...
Started by CJ Kucera.
Perhaps it will still be available when he grows into it! Thanks for checking.
Started by Woody Wallace.
The events listing on the home page is very handy, especially the way the time shows up. It has been VERY useful in its short life! Is it possible to have the time show up the same way on the "School Events" page without having to click into the event?
Started by Woody Wallace.
Sorry I missed it. Had child care and then IT support for Katy.
Started by Andrew Ruis.
Rob B. posted this related article to facebook: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15480741 -- the article discusses the more traditional martial art that predates the stick fighting techniques outlined in the original post.
Started by Woody Wallace.
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