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My dad and I plan on going, we should be able to be there around 8:15.
Started by CJ Kucera.
Theresa reads fashion mags; I'll see if she has any old ones I can bring in.
Started by Elaine Meszaros.
The 2012 results are posted on their site now and I was curious how the times matched up to last year in general. Our best time this year was faster than our best time last year, though our average time went up. Turns out that times were slower this year all across the board, though, so either it was a little longer this year or there was more wind in the way, etc. I thought it was interesting, at least. Here's all the race times from both years (the X axis is in seconds, btw): http://apocalyptech.com/media/dragon/dragon.png And in case anyone else is as obsessive as me, here's a CSV with all the race times for the past two years (for all teams) - http://apocalyptech.com/media/dragon/dragonboat.csv
Started by Woody Wallace.
And don't forget to look under "Teams" and join the ZYKFA Cycling board, we'll make announcements, route planning and load some videos up as well as pictures of the rides! Remember it's open to ZYKFA members, family and friends that love to cycle!
Started by Taylor McElligott.
Hi Taylor, That sounds great. I need to talk with my son and figure out what we are going to do next. Will check in with you on Monday or Wednesday when I know more about his plans then put you guys in touch with each other. Thanks, Lou
Started by Lou Immendorf.
Sorry we couldn't make it, unfortunately something came up... I'm curious as to how it went.
Started by chris miscik.
I get "This content is currently unavailable", though I'm not a Facebook user so I have no idea if it works when logged in or not. Maybe it's 'cause they spelled Cinco de Mayo wrong. ;)
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
Ha, The Editing Room just put up a great (and quite accurate) abridged script for this: http://www.the-editing-room.com/the-raid-redemption.html
Started by CJ Kucera.
Wow Emma, that's awesome!
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
Nice job Jaia. You look so professional!
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
I showed up at midnight and the place was abandoned. I chat with the bartender who says there's a girl in the bathroom who was at the party, she tells me everyone cleared out around 9:00. 9:00!!?? Was Matlock on or something? Sheesh! In my country "to whenever" means sunrise or thereabouts. All teasing aside, happy birthday! Sorry I got there too late (once again).
Started by Molly Cowden.
I'm in, this sounds like too much fun to miss.
Started by Molly Cowden.
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