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Big thanks to all who attended last week Thursday! The instructors & staff appreciated your assistance and enthusiasm throughout the night. We literally could not do this training nearly as well without your participation. The recruits were also grateful for your presence and role-playing as it added a level of realism we could not have achieved otherwise! Finally, a sincere thank you to Shifu for cancelling classes to allow the maximum amount of attendance from Zhong Yi (which was well represented as always!). We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to working with you again in the future... Kimba
Started by Kimba Tieu.
...the foosball game!
Started by Elaine Meszaros.
Had a blast. Was eaten by zombies but put up a good fight Thanks!
Started by CJ Kucera.
Andrew, I know someone in need. Give me a call when you get a chance 347.6667.
Started by Andrew Ruis.
Visitation is tomorrow morning at 9:30am at Cress Funeral Home, on the westside of Madison. Madison – West 3610 Speedway Road Madison, Wisconsin 53705 (608) 238-3434
Started by Nelson Ferreira.
Baby ZYKFA powers unite! Congratulations you guys that is awesome news!
Started by Woody Wallace.
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